Spending time with bees isn't just sweet, and filled with poorly made puns. It's life changing.

I've been beekeeping for four years. I was president of the BU Beekeeping club when I was at school there, and now I am keeping bees in my backyard. I never thought insects would be such a big part of my life.

The bees actually opened my eyes up in terms of how I fit into the larger world. After spending time with the bees, and remarking on how mathematically brilliant they are, it struck me how similar my profession of engineering is to the life of a bee.

Bees use math and science, in darkness, as a means to their end; not as the point of their existence. It is the same with engineering. We use math and science every day, and know it well enough to do it in the dark, but that is not the point of our existence; we are meant to apply it.

I also wrote an award-winning instructable about how to install a beehive in your backyard! Click on the Instructables Robot to see it!

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