Boston University College of Engineering, Boston, MA

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, May 2014

Relevant Work Experience:

freelance consulting, various clients               May 2014 – Present

  • Freelance physical process and problem solving for clients based locally and nationally.
  • Example projects include reverse engineering 150 years’ worth of craftsman knowledge to document a cookware company’s product line; designing and implementing a manufacturing strategy for a bakery to achieve commercial production; modernizing the way a manufacturer of specialized shock absorbers communicates technical information to customers.
  • Perform engineering and economic analysis to inform client’s decision making, helping them grow and improve their businesses.
  • Manage projects from start to finish, communicating with remote clients, vendors, and manufacturers and execute plans on behalf of clients when necessary.

Boston University EPIC Center, Machinist’s Assistant     December 2013 – May 2014

  • Assisting machinists with machining setup, and machining operations
  • Performing machining operations on parts as ordered.
  • Assisting with intro-class demos for students detailing milling, drilling, turning, rapid prototyping, welding and other manufacturing methods.
  • Design and manufacturing consultant with students on original ideas/concepts.

Boston University, Imagineering Lab Manager                 Spring 2013 – May 2014

  • Advise students on how to complete their projects in any way, be it specific design challenges they face, or how to use machinery.
  • Fostering a community of collaboration and acceptance of failure as a part of learning the design process.
  • Gained proficiency in machining operations (turning, milling, etc.), and rapid prototyping (3D Printing, 3D modeling, laser cutting).
  • Ensuring above all else that the lab is safe, clean, and organized.

MatterIO, Matter Maker (Internship)                                    Summer 2013

  • Collaborated and envisioned the future of fabrication and identified areas of business interest to help leadership team frame strategic direction of 3D Printing startup.
  • Managed and maintained a fleet of 3D Printers.
  • Wrote code to optimize install processes, followed up and resolved software bugs reported by customers and testers.
  • Designed hardware (mounting brackets, camera mounts) to be shipped as a part of the product package.

Boston University, Technology Innovation Scholar            Fall 2011 - Fall 2013

  • Participated in outreach programs to inspire young students about engineering.
  • Designed and tested “Innovations in a Box” design challenges for students.
  • Travelled to schools throughout Boston metro area with BU students to facilitate design challenges to share and inspire excitement about science, technology, and engineering.

Newton Community Education, Instructor                          August 2011 - June 2013

  • Designed curriculum and conducted courses for Newton Community Education.
  • Conducted a hands-on workshop for adults, focusing on biodiesel production and use.
  • Facilitated the creative confidence of middle school students through an engineering and
  • design summer camp focused on green technology with hands-on activities.
  • Gained the respect of middle-schoolers (no easy task).
  • Managed a small group of assistant instructors.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Intern                 Summer 2010

  • Designed and built a 30 gallon biodiesel reactor for the MIT Sea Grant lab in Gloucester.
  • Reactor was designed to process waste vegetable or algae oil into ASTM grade biodiesel.
  • Team advisor on biodiesel production processes and materials safety.

City of Newton, Greengineering Work Study Student     Fall 2009 – Spring 2010

  • Oversaw and managed the production of over 900 gallons of ASTM grade biodiesel.
  • Produced Right to Know documents; worked with city fire inspectors on workplace safety.
  • Co-founder of the Greengineering Design Lab.

Assorted Experience and Interests:

  • Survival level reading, writing, and conversational Mandarin Chinese.
  • Agricultural experience as beekeeper and ranch hand.
  • Featured on frontpage of, winner of Concrete and Casting Contest, and the Made by Bees contest.
  • Proficient in MATLAB, SolidWorks, GibbsCAM, Python, C++, HTML 5, and CSS.