An Artistic Diversion Into Molding & Casting


The story:

This all began as the result of a hunting trip, in fact. I was in the savanna of western Texas and found a coyote skull on the ground. I thought it was really cool! So I picked it up and took it home--it was in great shape and nearly all cleaned from the forces of nature.


Immediately, I was only concerned with getting the skull cleaned and putting it on my parents mantle over the fireplace (as it looks marvelously cool sitting up there). However one fatefull day, my eye was caught by the mercedes hood ornament. I could not shake the idea of getting a metal coyote skull and making it shiny enough to replace the iconic emblem that marks the front of all Benz's. 


So that is where the story started. I wanted to make a metal coyote skull hood ornament. Sick? Maybe. Awesome? Yes. 


The [abbreviated] Process:

Alright, it was a long process, so I will boil it down in to some bullet points and expand on them down below. The truth is I messed up a lot. So definitely read the longer stuff if you want to know about that.

  • Cleaned the skull, but I broke it. So I had to procure a new one. 
  • Got a skull from the internet. I love the internet. 
  • Made a molding flask out of particle board. 
  • Used the molding flask to make a 2 part mold for each portion of the skull (cranium and jaw). 
  • Made a wax copy with the 2 part molds. 
  • Used wax copy (the positive) to make a negative in a mold media that could stand up to the heat of molten metal. This mold media is plaster.
  • Conducted a lost wax casting of the skull. 
  • Beautiful metal copy! 

The [full] Process:


Click the Instructables Robot to view my Instructables page for this project!

Click the Instructables Robot to view my Instructables page for this project!